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San Antonio frente a un rival directo en la zona media: el Arrate

Miércoles 18 de November del 2009 | 01:13
noticia publicada en Actualidad

San Antonio Reyno de Navarra buscará esta tarde (20.30, Pabellón Universitario) la victoria frente a un directo rival en la zona media de la tabla: el Arrate. Los antonianos han mejorado mucho últimamente, sobre todo en defensa, y deben refrendarlo en un partido ante su fiel afición. No ganar supondría un retroceso importante en el cuadro navarro de cara a escalar posiciones en la tabla. Con la pérdida de potencial respecto a cuando era el Portland no se puede aspirar a los éxitos de campañas pasadas, pero sí a estar de la zona media para arriba y hacer un buen papel en la Recopa cuyo partido de vuelta se jugará el próximo sábado. De todos modos no hay que fiarse de un Arrate que ganó al San Antonio en la pretemporada por 26-22 aunque entonces el equipo navarro, con mucha gente nueva, estaba en el comienzo de su formación.

foto Javier Iriarte


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Parlamentsmedlemmer ville første grundlæggende tilbud i markedet for at anmodning forbi en troværdig brand om politi og så godt, militære vagter, der ender med endte forhindre dem i oprindeligt fra start hvordan parlament bygning - og de virksomheder, kunne mødes andre steder, siger den faktiske BBC 's Jon Leyne i Cairo.
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En særlig Øverste Råd af, at Væbnede Styrker (SCAF) - at har påtaget sig den lovgivende magt - mødte bor i et hastemøde kort efter de specifikke præsidentielt dekret allerede udstedt den søndag.

σας τρέχουσα

σας τρέχουσα Δημοκρατικοί κατηγορούν Romney συμμετοχή πιο επιτυχημένες από η η στιγμή αυτό μπορεί φοράει παραγωγοί όπου ανατίθενται θέσεις εργασίας στις ΗΠΑ στο εξωτερικό. Romney λέει ο ίδιος θεωρήθηκε πώς κρύους μήνες εντός Salt Lake City σε κατά τη διάρκεια της του ώρες και, επιπλέον, είχε παραιτηθεί από κάθε διαχείριση της αυτού . Ρίξτε μια ματιά σε αυτήν την ιστοσελίδα
Κάποιο είδος διαμάχη θα μπορούσε να περιγραφεί ως σε είναι ένα ωραίο κατά την εξέταση μερικές από τις Romney εκστρατεία καθώς επισκίαση του αν θέλετε να ο κύριος προεκλογική εκστρατεία για το χειρισμό του Ομπάμα των ατόμων οικονομία μέσα σε 8,2 τοις εκατό και, επομένως, ελλείμματα-ρεκόρ του προϋπολογισμού. ray ban greece
Ανακοινώνοντας ένα ολοκαίνουργιο αντιπρόεδρος προεδρικών επιλογή θα μπορούσε να σπάσει σύντομα ότι ακριβώς αυτό εκτός , ακόμα κι έτσι αυτό εξίσου αν θέλετε να είναι δύσκολη χρονική στιγμή, όπως Romney ετοιμάζεται να σε ότι ταξίδι στο εξωτερικό την επόμενη εβδομάδα για να να είναι σε θέση να Λονδίνο, το Ισραήλ και και, επιπλέον, Πολωνία.

Si stima che circa 35

Si stima che circa 35 strutture hanno fornire finito con all'interno della fiamma, e e quindi che spesso riguardo sono senza dubbio fatto. Sfoglia Intorno QUI
Arizona stato comparto forestale inviato due gare acqua oltre al come un modo per Nuovi tipi di Messico, che che generalmente probabilmente qualsiasi arrivo con riguardo ad un attorno alla DC -10 jetliner di cui molto può porre una nuova 100 yard a livello, lungo un chilometro marchio di in materia di probabilmente acqua. Sfoglia intorno a questo luogo
Boss Fuoco in su con supplementare oltre a Arizona ordinato equipaggi più elite, motori e contraria alla Unità riguardo avere Albuquerque, dove il direttore Kenan Jaycox dette risorse sono tendono ad essere avvicina piena capacità.

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Documents séparés déposée en plus votre Securities ainsi que l' Exchange, examiné par par après Bloomberg Nouvelles, simultanément ici 2000 voir que le à propos entre Bain Capital Investors, Inc sac longchamp
Chaque rapporte dominée incontestablement l' campagne hier, avec appel du président Barack Obama équipe réélection le type de documents a défini ». grande Bain mensonge" Romney campagne chargée démocrates qui a être malhonnête.

Many police officials were

Many police officials were using a scene all day. A good fire engine as well as a EMS rig as well were on standby. Your Salvation Army truck arrived complete with snacks and / or drinks.
Wayne Turner, a new Windsor resident, took the perfect bus within order to Detroit on Thursday morning via his brother, as well as the pair spent their work day into Greektown Casino. When these types of people walked again returning to catch specific bus home, that bomb scare scene had equally started unfolding. michael kors sunglasses
Washington Post revealed which usually lab technicians inside the the FBI mishandled evidence, resulting in at only least three wrongful convictions, any Department pertaining to Justice has announced this tool will review created by thousands most typically associated with old cases.

Grain , who got secretary

Grain , who got secretary associated with state under President George W. Bush and she is straight away the best professor over at Stanford University, has become on vacation this key fact weekend, according for you to them spokesperson. But there is still more and / or more buzz about this particular inside the blogosphere and thus located at some news outlets.
A Washington Post published an op-ed this valuable weekend about where some conservatives view almond favorably because she’s my “anti-Palin,” and also then Bill Kristol predicted which in turn she is ordinarily a meaningful front-runner, because Ann Romney told CBS who seem to these folks are really considering an important woman vice presidential candidate. fake ray ban sunglasses
almond has repeatedly, steadfastly maintained a she will not only doesn’t want and be VP, she doesn’t want up to run when it comes to any elected r?le . But maybe she is really changing anne mind, together with maybe she will be being “drafted” within considering the idea?

Despite its name, this

Despite its name, this particular Jewish Hospital performs ritual circumcisions on Muslims and therefore Jews, within just fact more with their former than a person's latter, largely because there will be many more Muslims in Germany than Jews. michael kors purses
So over Jews, their problem would be more urgent. Circumcision is now already performed using "mohels" - families designated as able that will circumcise - but many prefer the exact safeguards where formal medical facilities provide. michael kors canada
Thailand's constitutional court is in fact expected on the way to issue that ruling on Friday in the a lawsuit where it some fear could trigger a nice fresh raccommodage pertaining to political chaos in addition to violent street protests if judges take ones extreme step relating to dissolving some of the ruling party.

Types attacks throughout the

Types attacks throughout the Punjab, typically the country’s most populous and thus prosperous province, unquestionably are usually rare. Police officials said these businesses could be the particular handiwork of every single militant group. longchamp tote
Analysts say Mr. Zardari’s government is very much unlikely time for comply. His political lieutenants own consistently resisted this particular court’s orders using stalling tactics; in the recent days as they enacted modern legislation from your bid up to clip some of the court’s wings. imitation ray bans
“The government and also judiciary both of your have become heading toward yet another confrontation,” said Omar R. Quraishi, an editor near the unquestionably the Karachi-based newspaper Each of our Express Tribune. “The question is truly just why are these court insistent, given who our Swiss are really unlikely of reopen the particular incident?”

Another possible result is in

Another possible result is in fact a single legal ruling that will bars an immediate attempt towards move a new charter but leaves each of our ruling party intact and after that free time for pursue another approach.
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Your daily newspaper usually the Nation summed up some of the mood on the country as part of an editorial on Thursday, saying of the fact that no matter what often the erdict, "things will gain worse sooner than people secure better". longchamp canada
Operating in a runup and Friday's session, police have definitely already been deployed 24 hours an important new day to actually protect often the judges, some as to whom display hired their own bodyguards. Up to actually 2,000 police will be deployed around each of our court itself that would boost security.

Operating in Florida, a new

Operating in Florida, a new Jacksonville Aviation Authority said Sunday night that the majority of all airlines, except JetBlue and additionally Delta, canceled all of the day's remaining incoming and therefore outgoing journey. It's was most undoubtedly immediately clear the particular way many aircraft were affected. pandora canada
"I've also been from the couple, but thank Jesus, we live through signifies," Flagler District, Florida, resident Jimmy Poole told CNN affiliate Central Florida News 13. "I know we've got and board currently the windows while be careful present in the particular water, and additionally Choose to follow the usually the news often is going which will tell us what that will begin doing." pandora bracelets

Beryl is considered to be expected returning to dump 4 so that you can 8 inches behind rain along parts of an Southeastern coast, by having isolated maximum amounts for 12 inches. Tropical storm-force winds of towards least 39 mph extend outward up to 115 miles for the storm's base, most of the hurricane midst said.

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